Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Lebron vs Kobe debate is being settled here

This is the topic that gets everyones blood bolling especially laker fans. Who is the better player Lebron or Kobe? I am going to answer this question once and for all but it will still be debated. I welcome all intelligent comments and cases stated. I am not interested in over zealous fan loyalties and I hate Lebron or I hate kobe answers. I want to hear some real logical and proof supported dialogue on why the player you stated is the best player in the NBA. I am going to break down my argument and I welcome all intelligent responses.

I am going to state why Lebron James is the best NBA player in the league. I didn't say best scorer, or best one on one player, or best mid range jump shooter Paul Pierce probally takes this one anyway but the best player in the NBA. I tend to agree with Jerry West and I am going to play his clip here and then expound on why Jerry West and I agree. The man who traded for Kobe on draft night from the Charlotte Hornets

This should be the end of the debate. The logo has spoken folks,what more can be said? This man is 3 time executive of the year, a Hall of Famer and one of the 50 all time greats oh yeah he got the rights to Kobe again from the Hornets. It pained him to tell the truth that so many refuse to tell.

Let's look at the numbers even though some people will say but Kobe has won championships. Dennis Rodman has more rings than Kobe does that make him better? No he has just been on better teams. Is Bill Lambier better than Carl Malone I think you get my point. Now as I was saying let's look at the numbers.

Date Winner Score LeBron Kobe
2/8/09 Lakers 101-91 16 19
1/19/09 Lakers 105-88 23 20
1/27/08 Cavs 98-95 41 33
12/20/07 Cavs 94-90 33 21
2/15/07 Cavs 114-108 38 34
2/11/07 Cavs 99-90 18 36
3/19/06 Cavs 96-95 29 38
1/12/06 Lakers 99-98 28 27
2/13/05 Cavs 103-89 25 26
1/13/05 Lakers 98-94 28 2
2/4/04 Lakers 111-106 32 DNP
1/12/04 Lakers 89-79 16 10

Lebron has the advantage head to head in points scored and games won. Now we are going to look at their career numbers even though Kobe should have the edge because he has been through the 5 most productive years in an NBA players career typically between age 25-30 but Lebron is just about to enter that window but let's look at the numbers any way.

Lebron numbers first PPG 27.5, Kobe PPG 25.2, LJ APG 6.7, KB APG 4.6,LJ RPG 7,KB RPG 5.3,LJ SPG 1.8,KB SPG 1.4,LJ FGP% 47,KB FGP% 45,LJ FTP% 74,KB FTP% 84,LJ 3p% 33,KB 3p% 34,

Playoff numbers for both Lebrons numbers will be first and then Kobe's

PPG 29.4 PPG 25, APG 7.3 APG 4.7, RPG 8.3 RPG 5.1,SPG 1.6 SPG 1.4,FGP 45 FGP 46,FTP 75 FTP 81,3P% 30 3P% 35

Folks if we base their careers on numbers it's not even close.The areas where most people think Kobe is so much better than Lebron one being outside shooting during the regular season they are only 1% point a part with Kobe having the edge. The only other area where Kobe has an edge is with free throws. In the regular season it's about a 10% point difference which is huge. Out of 8 statistical categories Kobe only leads in 2. One is a huge advantage the other is about the same.

I guess the only conclusion I can come up with as to why people will say Kobe is a better player would be his one on one game. When you look at the numbers that come into play with team ball Lebron leads Kobe in all categories. If I want to razzle dazzle you with the ability to get off a shot when three people are on me sure give me Kobe for that but with Lebron averaging 7 assist a game he would rather find the open man in that situation.

I think some people confused Lebron's williness to trust his team mates in times when is is double or triple teamed as not being Kobe like. In my estimation finding the open man is a good thing in most situations.

If you ask me, Jerry West and most Gm's starting a team who would they want to build their franchise around Kobe might be 4th or 5th. Not saying he's the 4th or 5th best player but saying Lebron has surpassed him.

Make your comments in support or make a better case as to why Me and Jerry West are wrong.


  1. First of all look at the teams that kobe has played on compared to lebron. Lebron doesnt have very many great players on his team, so of course his stats are going to be much better. Realistically when shaq left and kobe was one of the few good players on his team, his stats were just as dominant as lebron.
    Second of all, its not all about the stats. When it comes down to it, I want the player whose going to take over in the 4th quarter when the game is really on the line. And I dont care who you ask, anyone will tell you, kobe bryant is the best finisher in all of basketball.
    Lets also not forget that kobe is only 31 years old and his best basketball is only ahead of him. Hes still continuing to get better and hes only hungry to win more. When its all said and done, kobe will be the best player to ever play this game. He is on a great young team, and the championships should only pile up. And when you put up numbers like he has and does, to go along with all those rings, you are the best.

  2. Numbers don't lie Bro. The thing about what you said Kobe has championships because he has played on better teams. You look at the past two years and Lebron's 4th quarter numbers are better than Kobes even though their margin of victory last year was greater for the Cavs and Lebron played fewer minutes in the 4th quarter than Kobe. Kobe will never be in the same class as Jordan and Lebron's all around game is so pronounced that only Oscar Robinson will compare when this guy is done. Good reply though

  3. You simply can't compare numbers like that and not look at how the teams play basketball. Lebron James assists and rebounding numbers are directly related to the team he plays on and the type of offense they run. Anyone who says "Lebron is the better player look at the numbers" simply put doesn't know about basketball.

    First off no one in the Triangle Offense averages a high number of assists, but have you seen the way Cleveland plays? Half of Lebron's assists are him standing at the top of the key kicking to shooters running off screens. Literally all he did was hold the ball until someone got open. Rebounding is the same story as Kobe has no need to rebound with guys like Pau/Lamar/Bynum. You gonna tell me Cleveland has rebounders like the lakers do? Third you cannot compare career stats because when Kobe came into the league he was not the #1 guy on his team. The Lakers didn't build around Kobe and let him do whatever he wanted like Cleveland did with Lebron.

    Yes Lebron's stats are more impressive, but the fact is if he had the same stats as Kobe there would be no doubting that Kobe is better.


    Maybe you've heard of John Hollinger, the stats guru. The guy breaks everything down into statistical ctaegories, and right now he has the Portland Trailblazers ranked as 4th in the league. That right there is an example of how basing your opinions solely on statistical analysis is just dumb.

    Reasons Kobe is better: better handles, better 1v1 defender, better ft shooter, better mid range shooter, better passer, better footwork, better post player, higher basketball IQ, greater determination to win.

    Yes all these things Lebron will improve on over time, but the fact is right now Kobe is better and as you put it Lebron is just hitting his prime.

  4. What about Jerry West? Here is the man who drafted Kobe. What is he basing it on. It's not just stats I watch both of them play. Kobe's the best one on one player but all around Lebron is better.

  5. You have no idea what you are talking about. Its so much more than numbers. Check the game winners, check the rings. Lebron has a GOOD team but CHOKES in the playoffs. Kobe makes twice as smart of choices, not to mention some of the most clutch shots in history. Speaking of it, just hit his 4th game winner of 2010 against the Celtics in Boston. Lebron cant even win a Eastern conference finals without getting swept in the Finals. Also, who is playing through a broken index finger, back spasms, ankle, knee, and elbow injuries???? Not LeBron my friend. Kobe is one of the most banged up players, and continues to put on every night. All you haters can talk when Kobe gets number 5 this year.

  6. I look at the body of work. You did paint a picture of LeBron's advantage in averages but Kobe has better career stats. Now I know that he has played a few more years than LeBron so LeBron might catch him in career stats. Kobe has another five to eight years of playing and three of them can still be at a very high level. LeBron never had to defer to one of the best centers in the league either so that is another reason why Kobe's averages are not as good as LeBron's.

    I just look at what Kobe has done and what LeBron has done and I don't see how LeBron is the better player. LeBron has the potential to end up being better, that is a prospective truth but it is not the truth at this moment.

    Based on body of work, Kobe is the best player of this era. He has as many rings as Shaq and Tim Duncan and has a better all around game than those two awesome big men.

    I would take LeBron today to build a team around, that is the truth. In 2003, I would have taken Kobe though. In 1998, I would have taken Shaq and in five years I might take Kevin Durant so the player to build your team around is a fluid argument without anyway to resolve it.

    This is Dan Smith and I respectfully disagree with you Mike.